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I want to hold you high & steal your pain

x ebonee's wifey x
6 April
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Baby, all we need is just to be
caught up in the touch

  • The name's Dart. I'm of legal age. I'm inlove with a girl whose initials are ENL-E. I live in the state for lovers; Virginia, duh!! :-)
  • I love reading, rock music, writing poetry and short stories, my iPod, Ebonee Nicole<3 & a few other things.
  • Misti(p0isonedheart) is my BFFL & a rock 'sister'
    I love my mom & grandma but I don't live with them anymore. I'm doing my own thing, sorta.
  • I'm in a wheelchair.

    Anything else? just add me as a friend or IM me on AIM sometime :)

    Aries is Ram Love

    Marriage is love.

    title or description
    Love, like humans, comes in all forms, both of which were created by God. We are simply all sexual.

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    Date Created:04/20/2004
    Number of Posts: 124

    Dart is a short, petite lesbian who is happily taken by her girlfriend, Ebonee. Football, work, & Diet coke also revolve around her life.
    Strengths: Open-mindedness, easy to love, caring, loving, able to adapt to any situation without hesitation, My girlfriend.
    Weaknesses: Not being assertive, Crying over things I can't control.
    Special Skills: Can work her ass off, is double jointed.
    Weapons: Her long tounge.

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